Event on June 2.

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Event on June 2.  Empty Event on June 2.

Post by DaveLathrop57 on Mon Jun 03, 2013 5:47 pm

I'm lacking in specifics, like how many people attended, any commitments of support, whatever......but the general commentary was weather was good, and everybody was happy, and things went off pretty well. Hope to learn more soon.

The Cliffside historical people who were guests of honor brought along some more Cliffside Railroad / 110 documents which will be scanned and posted on the norser.net site in the future - nothing technical as far as I know, but good information.

Best relevant news is official recognition of the need for sophisticated fund raising in sectors of the community in which we haven't worked before - like business and political. Mention of professional funding and development help was made. I think we could start with business schools for interns and see what happens from there - given ties between the local universities and buisness and political alums, I'd exect we could do some pretty efficient networking that way.



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