June 16, 2013......dateline Bonsal, NC (where?)

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June 16, 2013......dateline Bonsal, NC (where?) Empty June 16, 2013......dateline Bonsal, NC (where?)

Post by DaveLathrop57 on Sun Jun 16, 2013 9:49 pm

Saturday's work day was split between drilling out telltale holes in 17's staybolts (3 bits broke off) and prep work on 110. The firebrick is completely removed from the firebox now, and the bolts and nuts holding the front end door ring and steam piping are cleaned and hopefully loosening with penetrant. the crew was small and tiired after the last push before the event, and we have high hopes we will get inside and have tube removal well under way during July's 110 workday. Anybody expert in broken bit removal from staybolts is encouraged to attend.

Apparently, some of the grate supports are still in 110, having been carefully (or simply lazy) hidden behind the firebrick. This has broached the idea of going back to coal fuel. If this concept grows legs, we'll start a new topic of GPCS for 110.



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