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July 21 update Empty July 21 update

Post by DaveLathrop57 on Sun Jul 21, 2013 7:38 pm

The general membership meeting was held yesterday at Bonsal, and I was stuck at work so I missed it. Here's a couple high points: Dave Dick has been elected to the BOD and will soon assume the role of Vice President. The railroad has been donated an EMD SW1 diesel electric locomotive - something not a centercab or smaller! I have no idea as to its heritage, provenance or condition. We were almost 100% steam thanks to the condition of the old GE centercabs - D17000 heads are no longer supported. I sincerely hope this development does not lead to a critter graveyard cluttering up the place, and we can perhaps triage the critter collection based on our mission and repower a couple of the historically appropriate ones for use.

Moving right along.......Dave Dick has decided to start working on plans for the repair of the tender tank, and the tender itself when the tank is off the frame. One of our members is supposed to be making contact with possible sources for tank repairs as in-kind donation. It seems that just the bottom third of the tank is in need of replacement, the remainder can be repaired  and coated for protection. We may learn differently once we start cutting........

And, the documents we need for grant applications are being gathered by the BOD members who have them, and with luck we can start working for funding within the next couple weeks or so.

I posted something like 30 pages of drawings and information in the past week or two - lots of examples of oil firing hardware and design. I'm awaiting something motivational to bring life back into the discussion.

July 24....just advised it was not an EMD but ALCO S1.....long live steam.


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