The Stone Mountain firepan and burner.

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The Stone Mountain firepan and burner.  Empty The Stone Mountain firepan and burner.

Post by DaveLathrop57 on Sat Dec 21, 2013 5:53 pm

The Stone Mountain firepan and burner.  01110
The Stone Mountain firepan and burner.  01010
So, here we have the draft opening towards the rear of the firepan, and the small internally atomizing industrial burner mounted under the mud ring at the throat. I think we can agree that neither the draft area nor the burner are how do we want to do it better?

I also learned some interesting things about our fuel is more variable than I had imagined. Not only are we burning recycled lube from IC engine waste sources, but other forms of industrial waste as well. Glycerine seems to have worked well when heated, though I have no idea where we got it from......but if we're not going to limit our fuel sources to a narrower source and content, I think we have no practical option other than using a very rough and forgiving type of burner, which probably means atomizing rather than vaporizing, and probably externally atomizing for keeping it clean and working. So, let;s think about drafting and flow and burner and draft inlet locations and control.



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