17 - we got a situation here......please help

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17 - we got a situation here......please help Empty 17 - we got a situation here......please help

Post by DaveLathrop57 on Mon Mar 31, 2014 1:12 am

Gentlemen, etc.....during he course of the FRA annual inspection this last weekend, it was discovered that there was extensive oxygen pitting on many of the tubes. As it happens, there were some deficiencies in the way in which the testing and treatment of the feedwater had been done, with these unfortunate results. These problems have been pretty well defined and strategies for prevention are being developed now that the horses are out of the barn, but it leaves us in a position of requiring a set of tubes for the 2014 season which opens on April 12, but at this point with diesel power until we can get the tube job done.

Here's the situation: 17 dies on the calendar in two more years for the legally mandated 15 year overhaul which will also include tubes. But, with the 110 project and other major capital improvements now in the initial stages of funding and implementation, it would be counterproductive to be without steam at this point. So, we'd like to find a set of good pedigreed tubes removed from another larger locomotive we could use for the next two years if possible (most are larger than 17). We need 112 two inch tubes about 12 feet long to be cut to fit, ends annealed and installed. If any of you know of a locomotive that has been recently retubed, please put us in touch with the owners.

An alternative is to lease an operable steam locomotive in the interim, while we do the 15 year work on 17 two years in advance - any leads on either tubes or a locomotive are welcome.



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