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May 8 update Empty May 8 update

Post by DaveLathrop57 on Thu May 08, 2014 8:03 pm

17 has had all tubes removed, and the damage seems to be associated with a build up of scale on the top of the water side of the tubes which not only holds water which encourages oxygen pitting in those locations, but by also blocking heat transfer in those sections can lead to burning and blistering. Dave Dick is of the opinion that since the mechanical inspection and boiler interior inspection just done has found no issues requiring attention, the best alternative is to get new tubes in and finish out the next 3 years before 17 dies on the calendar. The water treatment and blowdown / boiler wash program is not working well, and some attention will need to be paid to getting it up to the job.

110 is making steady progress and the cab is ready to be lifted, and work is being done now to allow for the boiler and frame to be separated this summer and the boiler sent to the boilermakers for repair. Removing the saddle bolts is a major undertaking. Running gear is on the back burner, with efforts being made to source a foundry capable of casting high quality cast iron sleeves for the cylinders and ring stock, and locating a machine shop with portable boring bar capability to handle that part of the process. No word yet on the wheel wear gauges to determine how many tires we will need to replace.

Dave Dick is still pushing for the BOD to begin working with professional fund raisers, and hopefully we will reach the level of comprehension soon that will allow for that next step in our business to get started. Some boxes of paperwork have been gathered that we will be sorting and cataloging as a starting point for development of the required documentation to accompany any grant application.

So, it's looking very good for steam to be back in service in the near future, and while progress is slow it is at least keeping under way on 110 and the business management issues.



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